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Plant Allies: Yes, you have one (many)!

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Nature is in us and all around us. Plant allies are waiting for you to speak with them. They are your familiars in nature. How many have been speaking to you?

Easy steps to identify and work with your plant familiars

I know some might be thinking they don't make the best plant parents. Let me stop you right there. Don't get disheartened! Your plant ally has probably been around you a lot more than you have realized. They have randomly shown up in spots, waiting for you to notice them, and helping you in secret. Maybe, they have been the quiet admirer waiting for an invitation to dance with you. Are you ready to dance?

Let's discuss some simple ways to help recognize our plant allies.

Finding your newest friend:

All plant allies are different. They look different, feel different, and each holds a unique ability in this world. If you have been walking down the street and randomly keep seeing Chickweed (Stellaria media); she is probably talking to you. Has she broken out next to your living space? Does she seem to come back, even if you have tried to remove her? She is trying to get your attention.

We often overlook plants society has told us to see as "weeds". Plants like Chickweed, then become very easy to dismiss, but she is powerful and beautiful. Chickweed is a plant aligned with the feminine side of nature. The moon is her ruling planet. Love is her power and gift. (She also has some very interesting uses in folk medicine.)

Clover (Trifolium) keep creeping your way? They are protectors and masculine in nature. Often useful in success, love, protection, and fidelity! Even the number of leaves can hold different meanings. (Can you see a Four Leafed Clover in your mind?)

I have roses (Rosa) that have defeated the odds and grown where the soil should be toxic to them. They are strong, resilient, and beautiful. They were speaking and I just needed to listen.

The simplest tip to Find your newest friend; is just to look around! Some have been there all along. Others may be cracking stone just to get you to notice them.

Trust yourself:

Trusting yourself is vital in all areas. It is, also, important in finding our allies and working with them. Did you walk into a shop and a plant just spoke to your center? You were drawn to it? That is how my Monstera deliciosa and I united.

I walked into a store, and she was all that I could see. There was a pull, and I could feel her calling to me. She was reaching out in nature, and I trusted myself to listen. In Eastern cultures they can represent long life and honoring our elders. In Western cultures they can represent suffocation. At that time, she was exactly the helper I needed.

Walking into a store, forest, or even the front door can lead you to a new plant friend discovery. When your soul recognizes it, don't shrug it off. Don't shy away from that feeling and intuition. Follow it for a moment and connect to the universe. You might just find a piece you didn't know was missing.

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

John Muir

Now that you found an ally speaking to you, what do you do?

This next part should come easy. What do we do when we make new friends, loves, or family? We get to know them! Research is a great way to find out all about your new friend. Herbalists, florists, books, and the internet can help you with everything from identification to care. Get to know the piece of nature that wants to know you.

You don't need to disturb your new ally. You can visit if it is growing wild, making regular dates to be with each other. You can find also find one and care for it. (Or just bring it home if you were in a store.)

Let's work together!

Whether you are making regular forest visits, walking down the street, or visiting your living room - You can work with your ally. Breathe deeply, talk with your new friend, and grow that relationship. Is your plant ally a healer? Release what needs healing in your heart. (Or if it is a plant like Aloe - it may let you borrow some of that goodness for your skin!)

You can, also, find products and materials that the plant is used in. Carrying them around or using them in skincare is another way their power can be accessed.

Plants need love, just like us. In return you have a beautiful new friendship and have opened yourself up to the universe.

Go Dance!

Nature is beautiful. I hope you will work with your allies, and most importantly trust yourself. If you have a story you would like to share; I would love to hear about it! Pictures of your allies are always welcome.

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Love the plant allies blog. I am drawn to nature when I take walks and often take pictures to capture the moments. I need to listen more to those that are calling to me and learn more about them.

Rose Thorn
Rose Thorn

Would love to see pictures!

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