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The idea of who we are

Spiritual Rose and Thorn is more than just the people; it is an idea and feeling. Rose and thorns are a symbol of the duality in ourselves. Embracing all of you. Loving the beauty that is you! It is in the colors of your rose petals and the growth you have achieved with your thorns. Understanding, trusting, and embracing all of yourself is something we hope for you.

We all have beautiful rose petals and sharp thorns. We hope you will cherish your light and dark sides for all of the lessons they have granted you on your journey. Be kind to yourself, love, you are a perfect work in progress!

Meet Thorn and Rose

Thorn is the sharp logic. He is a sea goat with a love of nature and water. His Native American Heritage often calls to his soul and pulls him outdoors. He can often be found in the forge, building, and working with the wood around him. 

When he isn't hammering away with Hephaestus and Regin, reclaiming fallen wood in nature, or tending to the shop; he can be found watching over his family. His deepest love is to watch them explore the world. That and staring into sunsets by the water... If he has gone missing that is the second place, we check.  He is the leather to Rose's lace.

Rose is the empathic heart. She is a Reiki Master, follows a Pagan pathway, and an aromatherapist among other things. 


She can be found working in her sacred space, out in nature, and connecting with all elements. By the fire light, water, or dancing in the wind is where she will be. She would joyfully take you dancing with the moon. She is Thorn's Moon Goddess and together they bring a balance.

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