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Every Color!

Can anyone be defined by just one part of themselves? I don't feel that we should be. I feel that we are every color imaginable and ones we are still dreaming of. I feel we should love every color of our spirit, and every growth of color we have yet to experience.

We don't just learn from our happy and brighter moments. Our shadow self and pain can paint beautiful colors into our spirit and teach us, as well. These are not colors to hide from. These are colors that make each part of our experience and spirit more unique, more beautiful, more vibrant, and help shape us.

I am writing this because of a recent experience that most of us have run into in our lives. Discrimination. While many of us are used to it, it can still be a painful experience. It can make someone angry, hurt, resentful, etc. It paints another color in our spirit but so does our reaction. We too felt hurt, disappointed, and even angry about it. We reflected and took the time we needed to release that pain, and accept the reality, before we decided to write this.

We took a moment to feel. We talked with each other and gave ourselves the space we needed to express those emotions. We then released and forgave, because we understood the discrimination against us came from a place of fear. Fear is a color that can shade all of the colors around it. It can even make us forget our own hearts and minds for a moment. It is a color that is a part of all of us. Part of our shadow colors and it is a teacher, also. We grow from those colors just as we do the shades of love. We forgave their colors of fear. But we wanted to take a moment to share this experience.

We wanted to share this experience because at times we can feel defined by one emotion. We can feel a label placed on us from only one of our colors. We can have moments where the discrimination against us can make us feel like the rest of what makes us who we are is unseen. We can have days where it only feels like shadow colors of the deepest blues. We can have moments where we are so brightly lit with happiness that we feel we could light up the sky. We wanted to share this experience because we know you are more than just one color.

You are not alone. We hope you will love and embrace every color of your spirit! We hope you know that you are beautiful in your rainbow of colors. May you light up the sky!



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Sep 23, 2022

This is so True. If we could just have our emotions without labeling them, maybe the colors would seem brighter. Or if we, like you, try to understand Why we feel the way we do, maybe we wouldn’t dwell in our lower vibration. It’s hard to see, but even our less desirable emotions, will add beautiful color to our souls if we can learn to accept them as the “teachers” they are.

I am aware and proud of All of my Colors. Whether they come from pain or joy, it’s ME. All me. And I won’t apologize if my hue hurts your eyes. Put on your sunglasses.

I’m going to light up the sky!

Rose Thorn
Rose Thorn
Sep 23, 2022
Replying to

We LOVE your colors! Shine bright!!

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