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Yerba Santa, Statice and Mullein Stick 4inch

Yerba Santa, Statice and Mullein Stick 4inch


Yerba Santa is an ancient herb used in many traditions. It is used for protection, increasing intuition, and healing.  Statice carries the symbolism of remembrance and success.  It is cleansing by fire and smoke. While offering positive energy moving forward. Mullein represents focus, grounding, and self assurance. The combination of the three make for a beneficial blend that will help warm the heart. It is also useful in setting personal boundaries.


A gift from nature that will help in creating a space where you can re-affirm where you choose what energies best fit your vibe.


4 inch Yerba Santa, Statice and Mullein  Stick - quantity 1.


As always remember to use caution when burning any materials. Never leave a fire unattended or under supervised, near children or pets. You burn at your own risk, and should always do so with mindfulness.

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