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White Sage Bundle 5-6 inches

White Sage Bundle 5-6 inches


Sage has been used in many cultures to cleanse spaces, purify energy, and release things that are no longer wanted/needed. They can be uplifting and healing in any space. Cleansing by fire has long been a tradition in history. Cleansing with sage - is a way to embrace Mother Earth and pay grateful respects while removing negativity from the enviornment.


Remove all that no longer serves you. Cleanse the area, and purify your thoughts, as they release with the smoke.


Caution should always be used in burning any materials, and a fire proof method should be used for catching any ashes or material. Never leave a fire unattended or near children. Cleanse your space safely and with mindfulness. 


Each bundle is roughly 5-6 inches.


May it bring forth your inner peace in a positive environment. 

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