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White Sage, Pancium Mliacea, Statice, and Mullein Stick

White Sage, Pancium Mliacea, Statice, and Mullein Stick


This is a clarity bundle. Sage for cleansing the space, pancium milacea for clarity of mind, mullein for dream work and removal of negativity, and statice for success. This bundle brings intention to clear the space, mind, and dreams. Giving your energy some rest and focus for future success. 


After a long day (or night) cleansing the mind is needed for recharging the spirit and energy. Place this bundle in a heat resistant dish or shell, and burn to clear the mind. You can also use it to clear the space from bad dreams and help promote positive rest.


Each bundle is roughly 4 inches. (Sold individually.)


As always remember to use caution when burning any materials. Never leave a fire unattended or under supervised, near children or pets. You burn at your own risk, and should always do so with mindfulness.


May you have clarity of mind to push forward!

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