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Sunstone Tumbled Stone

Sunstone Tumbled Stone


Sunstone is a joyful and light inspiring stone. It is the masculine energy to the feminine energy of Moonstone. Sunstone encourages you to nurture yourself and bring in light energy. It cleanses the chakras and permits the real self to shine through. It has traditionally linked to good fortune and happiness. It is a stone that will assist in removing the hooks from others, and free the spirit. It lifts the energy vibration up and encourages optimism. 


Sunstone is associated with the Solar Plexus and the element of Fire. 


Each Sunstone Tumbled Stone measures roughly .75 - 1 inch. Listing is for one stone.


*Please, understand there will be "flaws" on some. Nature is beautiful and what one might consider a "flaw" another would consider a wonder of Mother Earth. Each stone is different and energetically selected. 


**Picture was taken of a randomly selected stones. 


Intended for informational purposes only, not to be considered medical advice.

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