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Stress Kit

Stress Kit


This bundle kit was put together to ease your stress. Take a cleansing bath and banish the negative vibes while relaxing with the crystal bath bomb. Then, use the Good Vibes roller ball oil to fill your senses with good vibrations. Use the Palo Santo or Sage to cleanse your space. Finally, the stones chosen to alleviate stress and promote calm. Self Care and love is vital. May this kit help you to banish your stress and take a moment for self love.


The kit includes; 1 purple crystal bath bomb, 1 palo santo stick, 1 sage bundle(6 inches), 1 Good Vibes roller oil, 1 selenite (satin spar) wand (4-6 inches), 1 tumbled amethyst, 1 tumbled amazonite, 1 tumbled sodalite, 1 green aventurine tumbled, and 1 lepidolite tumbled stone. (Tumbled stones are in varying sizes)


Abalone Shell pictured is not included in the kit. Picture was taken of randomly selected stones and the exact stone recieved may not be pictured.


May you find peace and tranquility!

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