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Money Frog with Coin

Money Frog with Coin


Serpentine is an earthing stone that helps to clear the mind and give you a better sense of control of your life. It is said to help ensure longetivity, connect to past lives and experiences, as well as drawing fortune. This is an intricately carved Money Frog out of Serpentine. (Sometimes referred to as "Serpentine Jade" - Serpentine and Jade are similar in appearance but unrelated.)


The Money Frog is an ancient Chinese tradition, with folk lore associations, and a Feng Shui charm closely associated with money and fortune. The Money Frog is said to draw wealth and prosperity, while protecting you.


A Money Frog shouldn't be placed in a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. The most ideal place would be to place it in your livingroom, or an area where you would like to recieve good news. It is always best to keep the Money Frog off of the floor. 


Each money frog is roughly 3 1/2 inches and weighs roughly 9.6 ounces. The Serpentine coin can be placed in, or removed from, the mouth of the Money Frog.


May it brightly help shine your way into the future, and present good news in the best light!


*Please, understand there will be "flaws" on some. Nature is beautiful and what one might consider a "flaw" another would consider a wonder of Mother Earth. Each stone is different and energetically selected.


**informational purposes only - not intended as medical advice

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