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Scolecite Tumbled Stone

Scolecite Tumbled Stone


Scolecite is a gentle stone with high vibrations. It is a stone for calming and spiritual transformation. It infuses light and peace into the core of your spirit to help guide you. It assists in lucid dreaming and dream recall. Meditating with scolecite can assist in helping to better understand your dreams and connect to higher guidance. It opens up the heart chakra and wakes it up. It encourages unselfish love and finding inner contentment. It resonates with the third eye chakra in a calm and loving way. Helping to open up the spirit and seek inner peace. Activating the upper chakras it is a wonderful meditation tool and stone of inner peace. It is also a total auric cleanser. Just remember to cleanse it regularly due to its ability to absorb negative energy. 


Scolecite is associated with the third eye chakra and the element of air. 


Each Scolecite Tumbled Stone measures roughly 1 - 1.25 inches. Listing is for one tumbled.


*Please, understand there will be "flaws" on some. Nature is beautiful and what one might consider a "flaw" another would consider a wonder of Mother Earth. Each stone is different and energetically selected. 


**Picture was taken of a randomly selected stones. 


Intended for informational purposes only, not to be considered medical advice.

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