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Rhodonite Tumbled Stone

Rhodonite Tumbled Stone


Rhodonite is an emotionally balancing stone. It nurtures love and stimulates the heart chakra. The supportive energy from Rhodonite can help to process painful emotions and enter into forgiveness. It promotes calm in times of chaos. The pink to red hues remind the spirit to seek understanding and self-love. Helping to release self-destructive behaviors and promote positive self image.


Rhodonite is associated with the heart chakra and the fire element. 


Each rhodonite stone is roughly .75-1inch. Listing is for one stone. Randomly selected stones are pictured.



*Please, understand there will be "flaws" on some. Nature is beautiful and what one might consider a "flaw" another would consider a wonder of Mother Earth. Each stone is different and energetically selected.


**We try our best to take pictures to match the product you will recieve. Color variation may be slightly different than pictured due to screen resolution. Randomly selected stones were pictured, and the stone recieved may not be reflected.


Informational only, not intended as medical advice


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