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Large Black Sage Bundle (Mugwort) 9 inches

Large Black Sage Bundle (Mugwort) 9 inches


Used to encourage visions and dreams. Introspection and inner healing are a few examples of work that can be found if burnt at bedtime. It is extremely useful inducing vivid dreams, divination, and crystal gazing.


Burning before bedtime can help induce restful sleep, vivid dreams, and healing. It will also remove negative energies and promote positive ones.


Each wand is roughly 9 inches in length. One stick.


As always remember to use caution when burning any materials. Never leave a fire unattended or under supervised, near children or pets. You burn at your own risk, and should always do so with mindfulness.


Always be mindful when burning materials. Keep away from children and pets. You shouldn't leave a flame unsupervised. 

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