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Blue Abalone Shell 3-4 inches

Blue Abalone Shell 3-4 inches


Abalone holds beautiful resonance with the elements of water, healing, psychic connection, and compassion. It holds a warm and gentle vibration that can soothe the pains of the heart, while offering protective shielding. It protects the energy while blessing the one holding it.


This deep connection to water, nature, life, and blessings is one of the reasons it is prized for ceremonial work and smudging. When using it to hold smudge you hold the home of a creature, the protection of nature, the beauty of water, and the colorful compassion of the universe. Holding one - you can see the colors of wonder and feel that energy.


Each Abalone Shell is personally cleaned and inspected by Thorn. 


Blue Abalone Shells measure roughly 3-4 inches long. These are ethically sourced abalone. Listing is for 1 shell.


For more information on Abalone - please, visit our blog.

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