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Sleep Kit

Sleep Kit


This Sleep Kit was designed to help you rest peacefully. First, take a cleansing bath in the bath bomb to help remove any negativity and stress. Then, use the Night Vibes roller to help annoint your senses. You can cleanse your space with the Palo Santo or Sage. Finally, the crystals were chosen for their benefits in restful energy and dreaming. May you explore your dreams in restful sleep!


Sleep Kit Contains; 1 blue crystal bath bomb, 1 palo santo stick, 1 sage bundle (6 inches), 1 Night Vibes roller oil, 1 selenite (satin spar) wand (4-6 inches), 1 lepidolite tumbled stone, 1 smoky quartz tumbled stone, 1 howlite tumbled stone, 1 lapis lazuli tumbled stone, and 1 amethyst tumbled stone. (Tumbled stones vary in size)


Abalone Shell pictured is not included in the kit. Picture was taken of randomly selected stones and the exact stone recieved may not be pictured.


May you explore your dreams and rest well!

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