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Lion Paw Shell 4-5inch

Lion Paw Shell 4-5inch


The Goddess of Love holds associations to the Lion Paw shell. It is a great alternative to the abalone shell. It is the perfect size to hold loose sage or incense. It retains it's water associations and beauty while helping to cleanse your space. It can also offer a unique way to display tumbled stones and other items on your altar space.


It is a form of scallop shell and carries the energy of the ocean, and the life that once lived inside of it. Giving thanks to the energy of nature and life - it is a beautiful way to honor the spirit and yourself.


Thorn examines each shell and it's energy before it is blessed. This is a picture of a random shell he selected. The shell you recieve may be slightly different than the picture, but will be full of beauty and energy.


Each shell is approximately 4-5 inches

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