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Labradorite Palm Stone

Labradorite Palm Stone


Labradorite is a mystical and protective stone. It is a light bringer. It will form a barrier to block out negative energy and stimulate psychic gifts. It can help dispel illusions and get to the heart of the matter. It is a true stone of transformation and prepares the body higher ascension.  Helpful in protecting while assisting in your intuition and psychic ability. Associated with the Welsh Goddess of the Moon and Stars and the Welsh Goddess of magic. 


Labradorite is associated to the element of water. Change and intuition. 


Each Palm Stone is roughly 2 inches or larger. Carry it with you in your pocket, car, or keep on your grid or altar. This will be a stone to travel with you to take magic on the go. Listing is for one palm stone.


*Pictures are of randomly selected stones. Please, understand there will be "flaws" on some. Nature is beautiful and what one might consider a "flaw" another would consider a wonder of Mother Earth. Each stone is different and energetically selected.


** informational purposes only, not intended as medical advice

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