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Fire, protection, passion, commitment, and creativity!

Garnet a brief history of its uses

Garnet has an ancient history, stretching back thousands of years. It held original associations with pomegranates, the Goddess Persephone, Capricorns, Fire, and protection. As a very strong vibrational stone, it was used for many purposes throughout the years.

While Garnet can be found in multiple colors, it is most commonly seen in varying shades of red. Ranging in colors from red, green, yellow, orange, brown and black - it has strong vibrations in a range of colors. Red Garnet is associated with fiery passion and protection. It is thought to be one of the oldest gemstones used in spiritual protection. The strength of Garnet for spiritual protection still continues to this day. Romans would wear them as a talisman of protection in battle. Ancient healers saw their uses to both heal and protect. It's vibrations for health and protection can be felt, and the fiery love that comes with them is undeniable to the avid crystal lover.

Fire, passion, and creativity - closely tied to the sacral chakra- it can assist in getting your passions moving. Empowering the sacral for creativity and commitment. It can be a self-commitment, a commitment to your growth and expansion. It can also help strengthen a commitment to a partner, working with your sacral chakra to help strengthen love and devotion. Being a stone of commitment, it is not a surprise that it is the birthstone of the sea-goat Capricorn. Capricorns value their commitments and will strive to see them to the test of time. As garnet fuels your passions and commitments, it can also purify your energy.

As Garnet is useful in clearing out negative energy, and re-energizing the chakras, it makes it a great stone for filtration. Some water filtration systems have begun using garnet to help filter the water for impurities. It is truly an exceptional stone in cleaning energy! Garnet cleans out the chakras and help bring courage and hope when it would seem to be lost. As much as it is used as a purifier, it could also be called a spiritual cleanser.

Garnets Shared with Love - Rose's Perspective

I have given gifts of garnet to the Goddesses in my life. I have done so to offer them protection while out journeying the universe, and to help fuel their creativity and passion in any area they need it. I recall sitting in a circle and each Goddess speaking a wish into a garnet. We passed each around the room and shared our love and wishes for each other. Each Goddess left with a stone that held the love and wishes from all in the room. We are able to carry the energy of each other with us, no matter where we are. Although, I do not know what each wish was that was placed into my stone - I know what I feel. I feel loved and a great deal of courage wherever I take it. I take with me the love of my sisters who remind me that there is always strength of light, even in the darkest of places. I take with me courage of women whose hearts know no bounds. I feel the passion to try for the difficult tasks, no matter the outcome. I feel their love and reminders that each lesson is a journey, and we only need to have the strength to take the trip. Garnet is a beautiful stone for those thoughts, feelings, and wishes. Sharing it with others feels right to me.

I have shared garnet with thorn as he embodies my other side. He is the balance of my mind and heart. Placing the wish of strengthening my own commitment to him and his spiritual journey into a garnet reminds me that we are stronger together.

Whether you are protecting, cleansing, or sharing a commitment/ wish - garnet is a beautiful stone for this purpose. May the wishes and feelings that you choose to pass into the stone, strengthen your journey and purpose. May you find that this is a stone worth sharing with all of those whom you love.

Sending you the fiery passion and love of Garnet ... Love, Rose

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1 Comment

May 06, 2022

I love my bracelet! The garnet's are stunning! They are such a nice weight. They are strung on strong elastic, so they fit well. I'm kind of obsessed!❤️

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