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Fire is one of the four elements of nature. It shows us our passion, creativity, power, love, light, and even anger. It ignites our souls and kindles the passions in our hearts. Our connection with fire is an ancient one. Working with fire for energetic purposes, cooking, a source of warmth, and for clearing the senses are some of our oldest traditions as humans. We even shoot fireworks into the sky to light up the night. Is it any wonder that archeologists believe that in the most ancient of times berries, cedar, resins, roots, etc. were thrown onto fires?

The history begins with resin in fire to engage the senses.

Ancient Egyptians would burn resins and other material to eliminate bad smells and promote good will with the Gods. Burning for these reasons can be traced from earlier than 3000 B.C.E. From Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, Babylon, Ancient China, etc. civilizations have burned materials for one purpose or another. Appeasing the Gods, eliminating odors, ceremonial purpose, etc. are part of our history. It is a tradition that extends into today. From religious ceremonies to candles in a kitchen - we use fire to engage our senses and mind.

Energy and Intention

Clearing the energy with burning can be as simple as lighting a candle. That feeling when the smell wafts into your nose and your energy takes a turn. You feel lighter, freer, able to breathe and your mind gets a moment of peace. This is a beautiful part of cleansing! Whether it is burning sage, palo santo, berries and resin, logs on a fire, incense, or a candle - it is the intention of cleaning out the energy that is felt. We also burn candles for wishes and intention.

The Birthday Candle is a perfect example of wishing with fire. Gazing into the flame, concentrating in your heart and mind, then making a wish! Here our connection with fire and burning can be easily recognized. It is a moment, feeling pure innocence, where we make a wish from our hearts. We make it into the flame and ask the universe to take it. We inscribe candles, anoint them, and place our intentions into them for the same purpose. To draw on the element of fire, of burning, to send our wishes and thoughts into the universe. If we are doing it for health, healing, prayer, meditation, or any other intent it all appeals to the element of fire. We burn with a passion and send our energies into the same element. It is a beautiful recognition of our hearts and gives us an insight into our current state.

Some use burning for divination purposes. Reading the fire, smoke, ash, smudges on the glass, candle wicks, and wood to determine what is presently happening in their lives and what is to come. Did the candle flicker? Did the flame of the campfire pop? When you heard it, how did you feel? The universe is sending messages and the element of fire is the method. We only need to listen, look, and take it in.

May your Inner Fire Burn Bright!

As I watch the burning sunset of Summer, and sit by the campfire, I acknowledge the beauty in Fire. I see the oranges and pinks in the setting sun, that reflect the brightly burning colors of the flames. I feel the warmth of the fire and smell the fragrance that cleanses me. I feel it lifting away my clogged energy in the smoke and inviting me to fuel my passions. I accept this calling and gaze into the firelight for a closer look at the messages being sent. Will you join me?

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