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Abalone is a beautiful large Gastropod Mollusk. They are marine snails! This amazing water creature makes a home of utter beauty. The shell is a rainbow of color and showcases the wonder of water.

They have been used by Native American tribes for thousands of years. Used for food, jewelry, adornments, ceremonial, tools, talismans, and much more. Is it a question as to why? Such majestic coloring and a true wonder of the spirit, abalone is a treasure. Abalone shells have a 70-million-year history with this planet, that we know of. It is, also, in danger and a threatened life form. - Pull up a chair, we need to talk.

Abalone has been on this planet for a very long time.

It was here long before us; they have found shells that show it was on this planet 70 million years ago. Archeologists have also shown 13,000 years ago humans used them for food and tools. For tens of thousands of years humans have been using them for everything from food to ceremonial purposes. Our connection to nature and water with these creatures is a very old one. Unfortunately, in the 1800s commercial fishing of this beautiful creature took over. It has been dubbed the "Abalone Rush". Sourcing it for the food and prized shell - it became over fished. As the popularity grew in cuisine and in use of the shell the once abundant sea snail became endangered. Yes, endangered.

California has 7 species (and 1 sub-species) of Abalone. Red, Green, Pink, White, Black, Threaded, Flat, and Pinto are the species found on the west coast. White and Black Abalone are on the endangered species list. Green, Pink, and Pinto are species of concern of decline. Flat is not as studied, and Red is the most commonly farmed.

A breeding program for the endangered white abalone is ongoing. In the fall of 2019, they released many to the waters. This was done at the headquarters of UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory. The Southwest Fisheries Science Center is working on a breeding program with black abalone. Hopefully, in the future they will be able to increase the numbers and population of both the white and black abalone. The researchers, divers, and those of us who love nature will continue to hope their numbers increase and they make a comeback.

We are lovers of the universe.

You are reading this because you too have that connection with nature and spirit. The abalone holds beautiful resonance with the elements of water, healing, psychic connection, and compassion. It holds a warm and gentle vibration that can soothe the pains of the heart, while offering protective shielding. It protects the energy while blessing the one holding it.

This deep connection to water, nature, life, and blessings is one of the reasons it is prized for ceremonial work and smudging. When using it to hold smudge you hold the home of a creature, the protection of nature, the beauty of water, and the colorful compassion of the universe. Holding one - you can see the colors of wonder and feel that energy.

So, how do you have abalone if they are overfished?

That is where farms come in. Abalone farms are not only helping to bring back the abalone population to the water, but also to us. When you purchase an ethical abalone shell you are aiding that farmer in continuing their work. Helping to fund them to breed more abalone and continue to restore the balance of nature. You can, also, donate to Marine Science and Ocean Science institutes to continue the research and breeding programs. Spreading the message is always beneficial. You are a helper and healer of this world!

How do we choose our abalone?

We choose to only purchase abalone shells from ethical abalone farms. Our Blue Abalone shells come from farms on the Pacific Rim, for example. You can find ethical abalone farms in California, New Zealand (called Paua), Australia, and other areas.

Thorn personally cleans each and every abalone shell

we have. He carefully examines them, cleans them, and ensures they are blessed. Every abalone shell selected has been reviewed before it is offered. We want to continue to help ethical farms in breeding the populations, and honor nature and water. We want to show the respect for the abalone and continue that energy forward. Using the cleaned and blessed shells for ceremony and helping to raise vibrations. Thorn holds that intent with every shell he cleans.

You already have an abalone shell, but don't know where it came from?

It is ok. This happens. It happens to all of us. Nature is letting you hold that and offering its blessing to you but brought you here. Our waters wanted you to discover, like us, what you can do to honor these magnificent creatures. We are all given information when we need it and are ready for it. You are here, because you were ready for it. You are a beautiful soul. Just as beautiful as the colors of the abalone shell. Nature wanted you to have that and to follow your path to find out more. Adding another color of knowledge to your soul.

May your colors shine!

For some of the information found here and more information on Abalone you can check out the book by Ann Vileisis. Abalone: The Remarkable History and Uncertain Future of California's Iconic Shellfish, 2020. I found it very informational and beautiful.

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